Thursday, January 29, 2009

Over the Top

My long walk yesterday evening put me over the top. Actually, the walk was on 1.35 miles from te bus stop to the house then back own to church but it did put my total for the month at 130.18 miles which is just over last years mileage. I need any and all incentives I can get for continuing to exercise. I lost 8 lbs since my last visit in September but nowhere near what I would like to see.

Thursday evening - I'm sitting in the Fairbanks airport waiting for the 1:30 am flight south. It seemed strange when I packed, almost like I had forgotten how. I had a hard time figuring out what I needed to bring. I'm on a larger dose of some medication since my sugar levels were a bit higher than they were before we reduced the dose. Maybe that was contributing to my inability to concentrate. Plus I felt pretty tired this evening when I was supposed to be packing. No treadmill this evening but I did remember to pack my pedometer since the new WIN for Alaska fitness program begins on the 1st. When I get back, I'm supposed to arrange for some PT for my shoulder. I was given a shot which should help if it is bursitis but it is still hurting. The physical therapy should help if it a torn rotator cuff. I'm guessing that that is the problem since the shot didn't help. I should do some research about that since I have some time here in the airport.

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