Wednesday, August 13, 2008

WIN Walk

Today was the first WIN Walk of this summer that I went on. I think they started a couple of weeks ago here in Fairbanks. The first walk started out toward the ski trails then wandered down to the Botanical Gardens. After much zig-zagging through the flowers, we headed back up the hill to the starting point. The second walk was down to Smith Lake and back along the ski trails. Total distance for both walks was 3.57 miles. I need to work my way back up to 10 miles a day again after being on vacation. Except for a couple of runs on the treadmill and walks along the beach, I've gotten pretty lax. I still took every opportunity to walk but most of my days were right around 10k steps except for a couple of days when I went over 20 miles. Not quite a marathon but getting close.

I'm really enjoying being back on the motorbike after the road trip. I really want to ride down to the lower 48 sometime. Maybe next summer since there is another reunion on the other side of the family. Yesterday, I had some errands to run at lunch time so I ended up riding a lot in town instead of my normal skirting around Fairbanks. Not as much fun in traffic but still much better than driving. There is still a lot of road work and the loose gravel on the roads definitely get my attention. Especially after not having ridden for a month.

In Canada, I noticed a lot of businesses with this sign prominently posted near their front doors. I saw a lot of bikes on the road this summer and it seemed like a lot more than I have seen on other trips. South of Prince George, Harleys and other cruisers dominated but north of there, it was pretty much BMW's, Honda Goldwings and Harley's. Very few of any other brands. A lot of the BMW's were the dual-sport GS's designed for someone traveling around the world with a lot of dirt roads. Right now, the Alaska Highway only had about 10 miles of un-paved road and these were all construction areas. I even saw a couple of old Airheads like I have on Alcan. Next summer...

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