Friday, August 22, 2008

Evening Walk

This evening, I went for a nice long walk. The weather was wonderful, blue skies from horizon to horizon, about 65°F, and a few clouds. Anyway, I started up the hill then cut over to the next subdivision on a trail, walked by Pearl Creek School, across Ballaine to Yankovich. At this point, I debated on whether to jump onto the ski trails and head up to West Ridge before heading home but decided to just head down Yankovich towards the golf course. Then just headed down the bike path back home. My iPod battery died at about 7 miles so the Nike+ gadget stopped recording at that point. While walking, I received an email message from the WIN program that I had accumulated enough points in the last six months to get a wearable gps. Pretty cool! I like gadgets. From what I've read on my phone (while walking), it uses the gps to measure your distance and speed as well as recording your heart rate while walking/running/biking. Too bad it won't get here before the summer runs out. All this exercise and eating well pays off in other ways besides better health. Anyway, I went about 10 miles on this evening walk and feel great. All this walking takes so much time. I feel a real need to go for a long walk tomorrow but unfortunately, I have tasks to do at home. Hang additional rain gutters, put away the camping gear and who knows what else. One of the boys in my son's Boy Scout troop is getting his Eagle tomorrow so I definitely want to go to that.

Speaking of my son, I took him to the DMV today to get his license. He passed the driving test yesterday at Cherokee Riders so all he had to do was turn in the test results and get his picture taken. It was much more convenient than trying to schedule a test at the DMV. After the test, he said that he thought that he could have taken the test in the Kia (manual) instead of the minivan (automatic). Pretty good considering he just learned how to parallel park at the beginning of this week.

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