Saturday, August 2, 2008

Well, getting ready to head out of L.A. now that the reunion is over. I'm not sure how far north we'll get but we probably not truly get out of town until after 4:00 this afternoon. I had kinda forgotten how big the Los Angeles basin really was. Yesterday, we went to the Japanese American Museum in "Little Tokyo" which is right in the downtown area. While in the area, we also went to Phillipe's the originator of the French Dip sandwich and wandered through Olvera Street which is filled with street vendors and shops like in Mexico. It was fun though the traffic was a bear.

Saturday evening - We made it to Coalinga, CA, this evening in the central valley of California. It is really warm here with daytime temperatures of over 100°F. Hopefully, we can make it up to around Medford tomorrow then up to Corvallis, OR, by Monday afternoon. Very little walking today though I did manage to average over 10k per day during the reunion. I've started just entering the totals for the week on the Startwalking site though I have been trying to keep daily mileage totals for the WIN site. Eating has been more of a problem due to lots of restaurant food. I've been trying to stick to vegetarian dishes since these dishes allow me to meet my goals for vegetable and nut servings and many use whole grains as well. My medication still limits the volume of food (side effect) so I also get fewer calories as well. For me, this is good.

Sunday evening - We made it to Medford this afternoon and are staying with good friends.

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