Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beautiful Day for a Long Walk

A couple of days ago, I (foolishly) signed up to do the Equinox Marathon. So today, I thought a long walk was in order. This was partly to see if I would be able to finish and since I'm heading up to Barrow in a couple of days, I needed to get in a good, long walk. I've have also wanted to do this route since the beginning of the summer. In the morning fog, I headed into the next subdivision, went by the strawberry farm to Ballaine Road. I headed up and over the hill into the Goldstream valley. I then headed west towards the university. On this leg, the fog burned off leaving beautiful blue skies with a few fluffy clouds. I found myself at On's Eggroll House around lunch time so I had to stop. After some wonderfully tasty Thai food, I continued on towards the university. I headed up Miller Hill towards the Muskox Farm then headed towards Pearl Creek School then back home on one of my favorite roads, Eton Blvd. All in all, I covered 22 miles so I believe that I would be able to finish the race. I think I need to finish in under 8 hours or something like that. I will need to push myself as my feet are a bit sore. I think I need some better socks that wick moisture to the outer pair. I will be happy to just finish as the Equinox has the reputation of being one of the toughest marathons around.

The iPod battery easily lasted the whole trip today but I did receive notice that I need to order a new sensor. They seem to last about six months before the battery needs replacing. I guess that I could probably get the battery to last longer by removing the sensor from my shoe but I don't think that it is worth the hassle. I stopped for a rest and to take a photo at the Large Animal Research Station a.k.a. the Muskox Farm. Very quiet and relaxing place. If this was a good day for a long walk, then maybe tomorrow would be a good day for a nice long ride. I'm running out of riding days!

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