Monday, August 25, 2008

Soloed! & the Equinox

A pretty uneventful weekend. I managed getting in my 10k steps per day last week but fell short on the 10 miles per day that I was doing at the beginning of the summer. Not enough time for walking nor riding. It seems like there are very few riding days left this summer so I had wanted to take advantage of the good weather but there were too many other things to do. Kind of depressing, no riding at all. The minivan is in the shop this morning to get an oil change (actually, to get rid of a "maint req" light that has been on since we headed back to Alaska last month). There was little opportunity to have the oil changed in Canada due to time constraints. Better late than never. I also received a call that the Kia wouldn't start and is sitting the Hutch parking lot. I hope it is just the case of the clutch not being pressed all the way to the floor. That will be my next stop this busy morning. My first stop was the dentist for a checkup. I probably should go in more frequently than every seven years. They gave me a hard time about that but no problems. So I didn't get to ride today either.

Monday afternoon - The clutch switch was the culprit. I stopped, removed the floormat that seemed to limit the movement of the clutch pedal and it started right up. No problem. I dropped of the minivan with my wife and left instructions for my son to pick me up at the university this evening. He "soloed" today.

Monday evening - I decided to walk home this evening and since I had wondered how to get from the West Ridge ski trails to Yankovich Road, this seemed like a good opportunity. It was a beautiful evening for a walk and I made the 10 mile goal for the day. The "scenic route" ended up being over 9 miles all by itself. During my evening walk, I decided to walk the Equinox Marathon next month. I've walked the distance before but have never even considered trying the actual event. This should be interesting. I hope I'm not biting off more than I can chew considering my slacking off lately. I've noticed that hills aren't slowing me down much so this may be a good time to try this event.

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