Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home again

We arrived back home after a somewhat leisurely trip through Canada. We left L.A. on Saturday afternoon then
Sat - Coalinga, CA
Sun - Medford, OR
Mon - Corvallis, OR
Tues - Hope, BC
Wed - Hixon, BC
Thurs - Sikanni River, BC
Fri - Watson Lake, YT
Sat - Beaver Creek, YT
Sun - Fairbanks, AK

For me, this is pretty slow. There were no 600+ mile days and plenty of stops. Probably not enough for everybody but not a whole lot of complaints either. When we arrived back home, I wanted to turn around and do it again. Some people have asked how it compared to flying down and renting a car. Even with the higher gas prices, it is still a bit cheaper for four of us to drive than it would have been to fly then rent a minivan. Plus, you have much more flexibility (adventure?). Another observation is that GPS's are great even if you know where you're going. Information such as projected arrival time is great to have and the turn-by-turn in places like L.A. was wonderful. Oh yes, almost no rain until reaching home.

Some stats from the trip:
Distance - 7051 miles
Average gas mileage - 21.8 (20.1 - 24.9)
Highest gas price - $1.62 per liter in Whitehorse in July
Lowest gas price - $3.64 per gallon in southern Oregon

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