Saturday, December 30, 2023

St. Cloud, MN

Wednesday - Yesterday, I drove down to Davenport, IA, with my son to pick up my grandson for a visit. We stopped at Portillo's for lunch and I had the Italian beef sandwich. Kind of disappointed as the version that I've made tasted better. In my opinion, their version could have been more spicy. I guess I should've stuck with a Chicago hot dog, their specialty.

Thursday - It was hovering around freezing today and some areas were extremely slippery. Fortunately, the roads were pretty dry. I've been doing test sessions for the last couple of days including two today and there is a large one tomorrow with a class testing. It should be fun.

Friday - It was 26°F this morning. The roads were clear and the forecast is for a high of 40°F! It’ll give me an opportunity to add some air to the Jeep tires. This morning, the TPMS system was reporting 28 psi instead of the normal 32 to 36 psi. I think the last time I adjusted the pressure was in Corvallis, OR, when it was in the mid-80s. 

Saturday - I broke down and picked up my first computer in probably 30 years. One of the M3 Apple laptops. I wasn’t able to migrate all my information from the old laptop due to hard drive formatting incompatibility. Odd. All of my documents transferred and after logging into the App Store, I was able to download most of the apps I still use. This was a good opportunity to clean things up. I still need to transfer some other stuff but this is a good start. 

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