Sunday, December 10, 2023

MCARC Christmas Party

Saturday - We attended the Christmas party/lunch for the Medina County Amateur Radio Club (MCARC) and we left with a couple of door prizes. A rechargeable flashlight and a blanket. I also joined the club and let their lead VE know that I am available to help with their monthly in-person tests. We also got to know a couple of other radio operators in this SKP park. 

After we got back, I finished assembling the cord reel and ordered some crimp eyelets for the 6AWG stranded wire so I can reattach the old cable back to the cord reel. The measured resistance is only 0.1Ω so hopefully it works. I’m trying to think of a good way to keep the twist-lock outlet and still use the cord reel…

Sunday - After a windy night, it felt cold this morning with temperatures in the mid-40s (°F). After morning coffee with “the guys”, I got an early-ish start to the day. A group gets together every Sunday and Wednesday morning around 5:30 for coffee. I started attending almost as soon as we arrived as it seemed like a good way to meet people. Tonight, it’s supposed to get below freezing so I plan to disconnect things this afternoon. 

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