Wednesday, December 6, 2023

More Activities and Projects

Sunday - It warmed up nicely today. We had visitors over for lunch today. Friends of Bridget’s from northern TX. They still have quite a drive this afternoon. The couple is planning to pick up a motorhome and start traveling full-time, still in the planning stage. 

Right now, I'm in the clubhouse using the free WiFi as I'm running short of data on my AT&T hotspot and phone. Maybe too many YouTube videos and Zoom sessions. The 14.2.1 MacOS update is 12.89GB. One of the problems with having a Mac which is no longer supported by Apple. You need to download the full OS instead of just the incremental update. One of these days I need to get another laptop. This Macbook Pro is almost 8 years old. It still does what I need with its 3.3GHz, dual-core, 16GB memory, and 1TB SSD.

 - I took the Ural into Hondo today (actually twice since I had forgotten my wallet) and I noticed that the aluminum angle that connects the steering stabilizer to the front fork was bent. While unpacking stuff, I stumbled across this piece of aluminum that was a spare part from the tonneau cover on the truck. I cut a piece off of it and used it for the upper end of the stabilizer. 

Tuesday - Another nice day. Clear, sunny, and in the low 70s. After the morning test session, I tested the manual slide control that I had been working on. Before I wanted to make sure that the electric hydraulic valves were actually working before digging too far into the wiring. It does. I will now wire up a separate control for the hydraulic pump in the bay and switches to manually enable the hydraulic solenoids for the two slides. In both cases, it is for the slide to go out.  I still want to figure out what is the actual problem but this will get it working for now.

My Amazon order for the 50amp inlet connector arrived today. I just ordered it on Monday morning. The replacement transfer switch isn't scheduled to arrive until next Monday. I guess it depends on where it's being shipped from. In this case, the supplier is in Coppell, TX, which is NW of Dallas.

 - Surprise! The automatic transfer switch arrived today via UPS instead of next Monday via USPS as shown on the Amazon site. I guess I can’t complain about that. I’ll start that project tomorrow morning. 

The project for today was finishing up the alternate switch for moving the two problematic slides out. They move back in just fine. The first switch on the left is the hydraulic master. The next turns on the pump. The next is to extend the kitchen slide. The fourth switch is to extend the driver-side bedroom slide. I may remove the fuse so these switches don't get flipped by accident as both problematic slides have physical locks to hold them in place.

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