Friday, December 15, 2023

Hanging Around the RV Park - SKP

Monday -  I used the leaf blower and I'm glad I got the package that included the battery. The other Ryobi batteries I had were 1.5AH and the new one is 4AH. The 1.5AH batteries will run the leaf blower for about 5 minutes before the battery is drained. Fortunately, I had two of the smaller batteries so I could use the leaf blower while the new one was charging. And now I have two chargers as well. Good purchase!

There are a couple more updates for this Mac. As well as a new version of the Open Core Legacy Patcher (OCLP). This is the open-source firmware hack that allows this no-longer-supported Mac to run the current version of the operating system. I've been using OCLP for almost two years now as it was deemed too old for the last version of the operating system. BTW, it is almost 8 years old but still seems to run fine for what I need. But my needs are pretty modest these days. Maybe it's. time to pare down the number of apps on both the phone and this computer. The 14.2 MacOS update is a 13.36GB download,  On a supported Mac, it would be a small fraction of this. I have a hard time justifying a new laptop as it isn't a "need". 

Right now, I'm at the clubhouse using their WiFi to do the update. The download is going quick enough with a projected time of only 25 minutes. The last update, which was roughly the same size, took around three hours. But there was some sort of WiFi issue with an older version. Maybe that was the problem.

The Ural got used today several times as I needed a can of tomatoes for some chili plus, I used it to haul a load of leaves to the appropriate dumpster. I just tied the bag to the rack. I haven't really taken it on any trips with the Ural as there always seems to be something going on around here.

Later - It took around 25 minutes to download the update but the processing of the update file shows around 35 minutes. The whole process ended up taking a couple of hours.

 - Believe it or not, I cleaned up all these leaves yesterday. It has been windy and you can't tell that I had done anything now. And since it has been raining, everything is wet. Oh well. At least I had put the awning away yesterday since the wind was in the forecast. A couple of days ago, the awning was still out when the wind picked up and I ended up using a couple of ratchet straps to make sure the awning didn't blow around. It's supposed to be raining for the next couple of days.

Thursday - I volunteered to help cook breakfast in the park. Biscuits w/sausage gravy, scrambled eggs, fruit salad, zucchini bread w/pineapple cream cheese. It was all tasty and it was a fundraiser for in-park social events. 

Friday - I cleaned up the leaves again yesterday and today, it looks like I haven’t done anything. The Ryobi leaf blower works well and the variable speed is handy when the leaves are on gravel. It has been raining for most of the day. I’m kind of confined to not talking to anyone since Bridget tested positive yesterday. 

So, not having anyone testing and rain left me some “free time” to try out some new recipes. Nothing exotic but I did find beef ribs in the grocery store. Not very common in other locations but maybe more common in Texas. I made my own dry rub then used the Instant Pot to cook them before finishing them off in the convection oven. The beans are also “home made” from navy beans also in the Instant Pot. All tasted pretty good. I haven’t had beef ribs in years…


  1. I hope it's mild symptoms for Bridget!

    1. Mild fever, aches, and congestion. Not fun but not serious. I have no symptoms…