Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Cooler Temperatures - SKP

Saturday - Clear skies bring colder temperatures. At least at night. I think the low tonight and tomorrow is around freezing which means that I’ll probably disconnect the water. I also want to do a regen on the water softener so maybe I’ll do that later today. 

The manufacturer says to regen once a month and the last time I did it was around the third week of September when we were in Nebraska. But the RV did sit for six weeks so now seems about right. But now, I'm sitting outside enjoying the sunshine waiting for the morning test session to start.

To regen, you drain the unit, and add 26oz of salt into the grey cap on top. Then run a slow stream of water through the unit for 22 minutes followed by a 6-minute rinse. Then it’s ready to go for another month or so. I do have some test strips to check the water; the water here is not as hard as in other locations. I think a regen would be needed only every couple of months. But I don’t want the unit to fail due to lack of maintenance. 

I also used the leaf blower twice today. There are a lot of leaves just from this one tree. I haven't picked up the pile from the second time. Tomorrows task.

Sunday - It was down to 38°F this morning but it is another day with clear, blue skies. It took a couple of trips to haul all of the leaves collected yesterday afternoon. They are still falling. I broke down and picked up a leaf rake at Tractor Supply today. I was borrowing one from the maintenance shed just about every day anyway. The new rake has a fiberglass handle so no more wood splinters from the weathered handle. 

Later - Yet another pile of leaves was bagged up and hauled to the bio-dumpster. Or whatever it’s called. The one full of yard debris. Tree limbs, leaves, brush, etc. I’m sure that the yard will be covered in leaves by tomorrow morning. I've been told by multiple people to just scatter the leaves on the grass on the west side of the park. And the lawn mower will grind it up into the grass.

Filled up the Jeep for $2.359/gallon! 

 - Clear, cool, and sunny this morning with just enough of a breeze to knock more leaves off of the tree. The Internet speeds seem to be better when it isn't raining. On Saturday, I was only getting 150Kbps and it was windy and raining.

Here is a "before" picture of the yard. More leaves than there have been on other mornings.

And the "after". This tree has a lot of leaves. I suspect that it'll look like the "before" picture before evening...

It was a nice day to sit outside. There was a morning test session and someone signed up for the afternoon as well.

I dug around the junk that I had brought with me and found the small 100-watt modified sine-wave inverter. I also found the pieces and adaptors to plug it into the Ural. Bridget wants to decorate it for an in-park Christmas parade later this week.

 - Internet speeds seem reasonable today. This is over AT&T using a mobile router. And I'm connecting to my WiFi using 5Ghz. I think that there is so much 2.3 GHz traffic that there is a lot of interference. Less at the higher frequency.

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