Monday, December 11, 2023

Kerrville - SKP

Monday - We went to Kerrville, a town around an hour north of Hondo, to meet with some of Bridget’s relatives when live in the area. We met at a cool location called Camp Verde which has ties to the camels in Quartzite, AZ. The food in the restaurant was delicious and the attached gift shop had some interesting stuff. I managed to leave with only a sticker for the back of the RV. 

Our next stop was Home Depot as we needed a leaf blower. The tree on our lot is shedding a lot of leaves. I wanted to get one that uses the same battery as other tools so I picked up a Ryobi 18V model. I also have a circular say, drill, and a ratchet using the same batteries. The price for this tool at Home Depot was actually less than on Amazon and I didn’t have to wait for delivery. 

Our last stop in Kerrville was H-E-B, our favorite grocery chain here in TX. Decent prices, fantastic produce, and lots of prepared items made in the store. Not just baked goods but things like tamales. 


  1. So did Hi Jolly work at Camp Verde as well?

    1. From what I've read, the camels and Hi Jolly started out in TX and traveled to California and ended up in Quartzite after they gave up on the project.