Saturday, October 14, 2023

Fort Collins, CO

Friday - It’s starting to get cold overnight. I walked to the Safeway pharmacy this morning to get a flu shot. It was kind of a chilly walk as it was only 46°F with a light wind. My doctor had told me to get one every year around mid-October. That feels like about now. It was a long wait as the pharmacist was the only one working. No other techs so he was trying to do everything. By the time I started to walk back, it had warmed up to around 54°F and very little wind. I hope there are no side effects from the shot. 

I participated in the afternoon test session. Very easy to do here due to the fantastic bandwidth. 260Mbps down and 90Mbps up. And that's running through a VPN server. One of the benefits of the VPN is ads are stripped out of web pages so the pages load faster.

Saturday - The big event of the day seems to be the eclipse, which will be a partial around here. But, since I don't have any viewing set up to watch the eclipse directly, I'll settle for a couple of live streams on YouTube. I'm watching the one on as they don't have much commentary.

I'm also participating in the morning test session. The candidate is someone whom I've known since the early 80s when he and his wife were students at the university. 

It's starting to feel a bit "wintery" around here. This was the temperature at 4:40 this morning as shown on the phone. I kind of like this mode. Kind of like a bedside clock. Too bad there isn't an "always on" mode. If you have a newer iPhone, it's an option. But nor for the 13 mini...

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