Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Fort Collins, CO, and Cheyenne, WY

Sunday - Another near-freezing morning but it warmed up to almost 70°F by mid-afternoon. The rest of the week is looking pretty nice! I needed to scan some documents and, fortunately, Galen had a nice HP multi-function printer with a document feeder. It scanned the 14 pages and they were on my laptop in less than a minute. It took much longer to get the PDF document small enough to fit within the credit union mailbox rules. 

Monday - Today's high was 75°F in the mid-afternoon. Quite a difference. 

Tuesday - This morning, we drove to Cheyenne to make a partial payment on the repair and see how things were progressing. The picture is the empty engine compartment showing the front of the transmission. They didn't need to remove the rear motorhome framing as there was enough room to slide the engine back before dropping it out the bottom.

Here is a picture of the new long block. Other new parts include the head with all of the valve hardware, injectors, heui pump, water pump, cam, timing gears, and turbocharger. Quite few used parts will be reused. All of the manifolds, plumbing, air compressor, hydraulic pump, wiring, sensors, alternator, A/C compressor, etc.

The mechanic working on the engine thought that it should be ready to start in about a week.

While there, I changed a few of the settings on the Magnum inverter/charger. I raised the recharge voltage from 12.9VDC to 13.1VDC. The charge cycle wasn’t starting until the SoC was below 40% and the batteries were not getting fully recharged (and top balanced). I also raised the maximum charge duration from 5 hours to 10 hours but also reduced the max current to 40 amps. This is because it’s on a 20amp circuit with other equipment. 

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