Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Still in Fort Collins, CO

Saturday - It's forecast to be another warm, sunny day here in northeast Colorado. They say that it is unusually warm for mid-October. 

After the morning test session, I walked to Safeway for a few groceries then stopped at the Starbucks in the parking lot. It’s pretty empty and the WiFi is a fraction of the speed. But it’s a nice stop and the americano is decent. I think I walk to Safeway just about every other day. The round trip is a bit over two miles so it’s convenient. Today’s extensive grocery list was eggs and parsnips. But I ended up with a few more things. 

The change to the Magnum is working great. Every time it charges, it’s in CV (constant voltage) mode for an hour which is long enough to top balance the cells inside the batteries. This is a function of the BMS within the batteries. 

Sunday - Didn’t accomplish anything. A very quiet, relaxing day.

Monday - After a morning trip to Safeway, I participated in the morning test session.  Looking at the weather for this area, I think we would really want to be on our way out of Colorado by the weekend. Hopefully, everything works out and we are back in the RV by the end of the week.

Wednesday - We visited the Sculpture Garden in Fort Collins after lunch. A wonderful place to walk around before it starts to get cold. It was still only around 60°F. Cooler than it has been the last week or so. 

There is still some nice Fall colors but quite a few trees have lost most of their leaves. 

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