Thursday, October 12, 2023

Fort Collins, CO

Tuesday - After getting back from RMNP, I checked HomeAssistant at the RV and the batteries were constant-current charging from the Magnum. I had thought that the power had shut off again. It charged for five hours before shutting off. I don't think the battery is fully charged up yet. Let's see, 40amps for 5 hours is 200 AH, or about half the capacity of the battery bank. And based on the voltage, it still isn't fully charged up all the way since the full discharge.

The temperature here will be dropping over the next couple of days. Not looking forward to seeing freezing temperatures. I did not winterize the RV but, fortunately, they said that it will be sitting inside the shop. I probably should have at least blown out the water lines and drained the hot water heater. 

Thursday - We drove down to Boulder, CO, to Celestial Seasonings Tea. They had free samples of their teas. I hadn’t realized that they weren’t an old, established company. Red Zinger was my introduction to the brand when I was gifted a large glass container of loose tea when I was a graduate student. To this day, it’s still one of my favorites. 

Unfortunately, no photos allowed on the tour though it was a good tour. And the $10 was usable as credit in the store. 

After a quick lunch, we headed to NCAR. The National Center for Atmospheric Research. I had last visited here over 20 years ago during a Educause workshop. I don’t remember much except for the wonderful views. 

What is kinda cool is that my phone automatically connected to the Eduroam WiFi even after all these years. I guess my certificate is still valid…

And, I tried out a new gadget for the first time today. A small device that sits in the center console plugged into the USB port that enables wireless CarPlay. The phone connects via Bluetooth to the device and it communicates with the UConnect car stereo via USB. It seems to work well. 

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