Monday, October 30, 2023

Starting to Get Cold

Monday - But just for today. I think this is going to be the low temperature for the week. According to the weather guessers, it'll be warming up to well above freezing later in the week. The RV isn't ready today as the roads are on the slick side for test driving. BTW, I really like this new display mode on the phone. My iPhone is not new enough for the display to stay on but all it takes is a tap on the screen to see the time and temperature.

Tomorrow, we will start driving the Jeep with the trailer to TX. It's under 1000 miles so not too far. The plan is to drop off the trailer in Hondo, find Bridget a hotel near the San Antonio airport, and I will head back to Fort Collins with the expectation that the RV will be ready to go at the end of the week. The weather looks pretty nice by then. I will hook up the Jeep and head back to Texas. The extra trip is needed since we have the trailer with the Ural on it.

At least that's the current plan.

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