Friday, March 12, 2021

Welcome Home

I arrived back in Fairbanks a little after midnight and it was around -20°F. This morning, it’s a bit colder but the forecast is for warmer temperatures. Note that sunrise is at 7:18am. The last time I was here it was around 11am. Quite the change. 

By mid-afternoon, it had warmed up quite a bit. All the way to -5°F. Right now I’m at a coffee place in downtown Fairbanks where I’m meeting Scott, a fellow ham who I’ve talked to numerous times on dmr. He even had a dmr repeater running on UHF for a while in Fairbanks. I believe he took it offline due to lack of use. 

We had an enjoyable discussion and I think his wife was completely bored by the digital radio discussion.

Tonight, it's supposed to be cold again. John, another ham from Delta, mentioned that it's supposed to hit -45°F. Maybe I did bring some cold from TX.


  1. Was this the same coffee house by the University where I almost qualified for the resident money allocation? ; )

    1. No, that one closed a few years back and now it's a pizza place.