Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Day 78, 79, 80 - Lakehills, TX - TT

Monday (78) - Today's "activity" was driving to the San Antonio airport for Bridget's trip to Fairbanks. As an experiment, I configured my Anytone 878 radio to beacon using analog APRS every 5 minutes during the drive. I was trying to find out if I had configured the analog APRS correctly. I got two position reports during the drive from the airport back to the RV park. For analog APRS, you just send out a message on a particular frequency and if there are any receivers within range, your position report gets forwarded to a server. It is tagged with your call sign.

There is plenty of Verizon signal here at the RV park but during the evening, the bandwidth is almost non-existent. I guess too many people on this tower watching Netflix. 

Tuesday (79)
 - It dropped to 39°F last night but I think that’s the lowest it’s going to get for a while. Right now, I’m sitting near the laundry room as there is free WiFi available. Not the fastest but considerably faster than daytime Verizon. This barn is one of several old buildings in the park that were moved when the dam was being built by the local ranchers. The dam and reservoir have been turned over to the Army Corp of Engineers as maintaining the dam was beyond the residents ability. 

While walking around the campground, I spotted this tow dolly. It was modified to carry a motorcycle in front of the car. I talked to the owner as he had just unloaded his bike and was tooling around the campground. He had picked it up used and it was custom and not something that was picked up off the shelf. 

Wednesday (80)
 - After another chilly night, it's supposed to hit 70°F by later this afternoon. I'm going to try and join the Zoom testing session this morning using Verizon on the IPad (with tethering turned off) and have the laptop tethered to the phone via USB. Verizon limits tethering on the phone to 400kb/s. The iPad has no bandwidth limit until you reach 15GB. If I'm tethering the RV through the iPad, we usually reach the limit within about 10 days. 

The Zoom session worked fine on the iPad even with the hotspot still running. Though the only things using the hotspot were the two Raspberry Pis and only one was actually passing data. So, I went ahead and signed up for more sessions into next week.

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