Saturday, March 27, 2021

Day 11, 12, 13 - Benson, AZ - TT

Thursday (11) - Today was stressful for me. We drove into Tucson to the convection center for their walk-up COVID vaccination. Tons of traffic and lots of road construction plus the uncertainty of parking at the convention center. At least I was stressed. Moderna dose 1 is now done and a follow-up appointment has been set up a little bit over a month from now. We will be in the southern AZ area for longer than planned but at least the vaccine will be done. 

Friday (12) - The weather has been really nice though it has been getting windy every afternoon. I'm guessing that this is the normal weather pattern for this part of the southwest. Extremely clear skies especially when looking straight up. I was looking at the moon the other evening and it hasn't looked that sharp in a while.

I have two test sessions for today and we need to pick up some groceries as well. Just a normal day. I met another couple whom we parked next to in Harlingen. They both work full time on the road and were getting ready to head out on the road. And had conference calls scheduled for later this morning. Not a bad way to work full-time.

Saturday (13) - After the first test session, I went for a walk through all of the streets in this RV park as well as the next two to the south. The goal was to walk at least 5K. I then uploaded the info to the RunDisney website. I must admit that I do like these virtual events as they motivate me to get out and about. I fell several days ago onto the pavement at a gas station and my right knee has been pretty sore. I really needed to get out walking. Time to visit the jacuzzi again. I think I've been there twice a day since we arrived on Wednesday.

I've started accumulating all the bits and pieces to install some solar on the motor home. Especially since we plan to store it over the summer in a humid climate. I want to have enough battery power to provide ventilation for the interior. I'll have more information in tomorrow's post.

Right now, I'm waiting for the next test session to start.


  1. Fell on pavement? Hopefully not a long lasting pain. You're becoming as graceful as me... Remember me tripping when I was moving backwards inside antelope canyon?

    1. “Graceful” was never a word associated with me…