Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Day 85, 86, 87 - Lakehills, TX - TT

Monday (85) - Wow, eighty-five days since I was last in Fairbanks. The time seems to have gone by quickly. It's scattered clouds and 70°F this afternoon. Not too shabby. This morning, around twenty deer were wandering around around our campsite. They didn't hang around as I had just brought out the dogs for their morning walk. The dogs weren't paying attention as they didn't see any of the deer.

The new HomeAssistant automation I set up yesterday worked great. The awning light turned off at 9:30pm and the porch light turned on until 30 minutes before local sunrise. The porch light is also set to turn on 30 minutes after sunset unless the awning lights are on. Any of this can be overridden on the phone, the HomeAssistant dashboard, or the physical switches next to the door. 

Tuesday (86) - I drove partially into San Antonio this morning for my PCR Covid test that the State of Alaska is sort of requiring if you fly into the state. I say "sort of" as the original emergency order wasn't renewed but they didn't really change much on the web site. Maybe some of the language was changed to be "should" instead of "must". Anyway, since the Covid test is free, I don't see any reason to not get the test.

Wednesday (87)
 - It's only 10:30 in the morning and I already have the A/C running. This is the current setup for doing the testing. The iPad is running the Zoom session. The candidate has two cameras running. Usually, the laptop and phone. Both running Zoom. And, when there is horrible WiFi, my laptop is tethered to the iPhone via USB. The laptop has Discord chat session and the web page showing the candidates progression on their test.

I ended up putting the awning away last night when the wind picked up. This morning, I went ahead and packed up my outside chair and folding table since it was forecast to be overcast and windy today. So, no sitting outside during the test sessions. I received my PCR test results (negative) already. About 30 hours from testing to results. The results came through pretty quick. Not bad at all. 

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