Thursday, March 18, 2021

Day 2, 3, 4 - Georgetown, TX

Tuesday (2) - It took us about 3 hours to drive northeast to an RV park near Georgetown, TX. We have good friends from Fairbanks who now live here. We had several Amazon boxes sent here so I now have a few projects that need doing. 

The largest project at this time will be replacing the Fan-Tastic roof vent in the kitchen with a Maxxair unit then installing the Fan-Tastic vent in the bathroom. The Maxxair vent has a built-in rain cover, thermostat, and 10 fan speeds, and remote control. The Fan-Tastic Vent has only 3 fan speeds, no rain cover, and no remote. I’ll probably wait until we are in Benson, AZ. 

Wednesday (3)
 - Right across the street from the campground is the Berry Springs Park & Preserve. This is the entrance. It has been pretty windy since we arrived with the Windy app showing gusts of 40mph for today. Needless to say, the awning isn't out.

Thursday (4) - We had lunch with Wayne and Barb at their home in Georgetown. We knew them when they lived in Fairbanks. I made my white bean, kielbasa, and kale soup and added some chunks of corned beef that I made yesterday. 

We planned our route west to our next long-ish stay in Benson, AZ, at another Encore/TT park. 


  1. Wow ten speeds and a rain sensor to shut (pun intended)

    1. The Fan-Tastic fan I installed in the 5th wheel had almost the same features. The cover was an additional accessory where it’s built into the Maxxfan.

  2. From the green part of Texas to the Arizona desert -- that will be a change of scenery.

    I still marvel at your life on the road.

    1. We are now in the drier part of Texas. Really diverse areas around TX. It’s a large state.