Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Still in Fairbanks

Wednesday (SSD Day 3) - Since I did get the Ural dug out of the garage, I had to try it out. As I suspected, without studs in the tires, it wasn't a good idea to ride around much. Too much ice on the roads. Even the main roads. I did try out the heated gear and, surprisingly, it all worked. It's been a while since it was last used. I did ride around our subdivision roads and with 2WD, going up hills was fine. The problem was stopping. Lot of pumping on the front brake. The picture was taken around 2:30 which was just before sunset.

No "real" projects for today. I finally made a temporary fix for the steering stabilizer. This is by far the best steering stabilizer I've had. The stock friction one was removed and replaced (twice) with the Ural hydraulic version. This one uses the hydraulic stabilizer for an old VW beetle. The aluminum angle had broken due to fatigue on the return trip from Dawson City back in June, 2019. I made another using aluminum but I need to find a nice piece of steel for this part. 

The "real" project was dumping a lot of old food. The upright freezer is now empty so I’ll defrost it and clean it before leaving. There was a lot of old stuff in the inside refrigerator and freezer as well as in the pantry. Pantry items include cooking oil and various kinds of flour.


  1. I should mail to you my snow chains....used once, and only to test them out.

    1. I have a set. I used them on the pusher a couple of times for some crusty, icy snow.