Monday, December 14, 2020

Appointment Day

Monday - Four appointments today. The first one at 8am. The second was at 11:30 but since I was early, they just bumped up. I can’t complain about that. I thought I’d have time for coffee but as soon as I picked it up, they called me into the exam room. Since my first appointment was at the dentist’s office, I didn’t have coffee before arriving. That seemed like it would be a tad inconsiderate. 

Later - Three down, one to go. It is quite a bit warmer today than just a few days ago. I stopped by the university to introduce myself to the new IT executive if for no other reason than to explain why a non-employee was using space assigned to the IT department. The building was really empty. My last appointment is in 45 minutes so I have a few minutes to add to this post. He was on the phone for the time I was in the building. So maybe next time.

I’m glad to be able to get these appointments done in one day. It’s past sunset already though it still isn’t dark. Even though the sun sets early, the angle with the horizon is so shallow that dawn and dusk last a long time. 

This watch face shows that better. First-light is just after 7am even sunrise isn’t until almost 11am. Sunset is at 2:39pm and the last-light is after 6pm. So those stories of it being dark all the time are just stories. 

This is the type of post you get when I just type while in waiting rooms...