Sunday, December 20, 2020

Day 5, 6 - Athens, TX

Saturday (Day 5) - Kind of a damp day but it's not cold. I've been thinking of trying to make chicken adobo for a while. Today seemed to be a good day for cooking inside the RV, so I offered to make dinner for friends here since they do a live stream in the late afternoon. It came out pretty good in my humble opinion. I paired it with one of our staples, pineapple fried rice. 

I did two radio exams today as one of the main examiners tested positive with covid-19 and is out for a week or two. So a lot of filling in on short notice is needed. I needed a couple of food items so I went into town to the Brookshire's, a Texas-Louisiana grocery chain, for the handful of items. As usual, I came back with a few extra items. 

Sunday (Day 6) - After a foggy start, it's burning off and becoming a very nice day. 54°F right now with a projected high in the mid 60s (°F).

I checked the temperature sensor again at the control board on the rear A/C. It shows on the ohm meter as OL or open line. Meaning that the wire is broken somewhere between the roof mounted A/C unit and the sensor in the drivers-side, rear slide. Who knows what the path is for that wire. I removed the sensor cover and pulled it out a couple of inches to see what color/gauge of wire. White insulation and about 22AWG (guess). I looked behind the TV where the wires show up and there is nothing that matches. I open up the plastic loom and start looking at what is there and the rear A/C unit comes on. I had previously turned it on and set the temperature to 75°F. 

I let the A/C cycle a couple of times and lowered the thermostat to 72°F. After about two minutes, the A/C came back on. After a couple of cycles, I turned on the furnace and set it to 73°F. It turned on almost immediately and ran for about 10 minutes when it hit 75°F. I'll let it run this way for a day or so before digging into the wiring again. The temperature graph on the right is from HomeAssistant. The overnight temperature is being maintained by the electric space heater.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. I liked this video taken in Fairbanks showing sunrise, high noon, and sunset.


  1. I love the solstice video! Here in So Cal, sunset will be at 4:48. Not 2 ish, but still very early. Looking forward to longer days!

  2. Love the video! I never thought about where the sun would track across the sky. So close to the horizon.