Saturday, December 5, 2020

Day 78 - Athens, TX

Saturday (78) - I had stopped at Panda Express to get some lunch/dinner yesterday after dropping off the old chassis batteries. I thought that the fortune cookie saying seemed particular applicable to this motorhome. 

Since I had the time, I went ahead and did another ham radio exam on Friday evening. The campground WiFi seemed to be working pretty well during the day so I went ahead and tried it out for the test. In the past, I would USB connect my phone to the laptop and connect with Verizon.

I got all packed up and on the road by 9:45am. I stopped at the T/A truck stop to fill up. I only needed 34 gallons but I prefer to arrive with a mostly full fuel tank. I arrived at the RV park in Athens, TX, around 12:30 and someone was in our spot. They were supposed to move to another site by 11 but the driver was taking a test. This is the RV tech certification location. I was able to fill the propane tank while waiting. We will be here for about a month. 

They got their RV moved by around 2 and I backed in and got all set up before heading towards the airport. It only took a bit over an hour even with driving through downtown Dallas. Bridget is now heading back to the RV and I fly back home tomorrow morning.