Sunday, December 13, 2020

Fairbanks Still

Saturday - Went into town to dump trash and pick up a handful of groceries. I also looked for a replacement strike plate for a Kwikset lock. No luck on that one. I guess I’ll need to look on Amazon. I started typing this post while waiting for curbside food delivery at Robot Pizza. They have the option of using portabella mushroom caps instead of pizza crust. The pizza's were very delicious though I don't have any pictures.

Yesterday, the truck displayed multiple error codes with the check engine light illuminated. One was a vapor emissions error and the other was for the ABS. Both errors codes seem to show up regularly in cold temperatures. No error codes today even though it never warmed up more than -15°F while I was driving around. In several locations, it had dropped down to -22°F.

The pile of stuff that I'm bringing back seems to be growing. Hopefully, not beyond the weight limit of my checked bag.

Sunday - I took my son to get sushi but his favorite place (Ajimi) was closed. The the second choice (Tokyo Sushi) was also closed. We went to Fushimi Sushi and it was open for take-out orders. I ordered the chirashi sushi which is sashimi on top of sushi rice. It was pretty good but the Ajimi and Tokyo Sushi versions serve it with lettuce between the rice and the sashimi. I like the addition of the lettuce.

The project-of-the-day was replacing the striker plate on the garage man door. The old plate had fallen off and the wood was in poor condition. I found a longer strike plate at Home Depot made for a different brand of door hardware but it looked like it would work. I carved out the jamb for the longer plate. Now, the door latches more securely. It had warmed up to +9°F so it wasn't too cold working with the door open (for short periods). 

I have four appointments tomorrow starting at 8 am with the last one at 3:30 pm. Then, I fly out on the red-eye tomorrow night. It's going to be a long, busy day. 


  1. I have no idea how you cope with all the stuff and the error codes. I guess being an engineer helps but I can't sell give away and dispose of stuff fast enough...with 18 months to go. We are trying to fit everything for the road inside the van which is proving to be an interesting exercise.

    1. I recognized the vapor emission error code from before and the ABS light had come on before in cold weather. It may be snow or ice building up on one of the sensors as the brakes still work normally. And the lights go away after a couple of restarts.

      If you had a small enclosed trailer, you could not only bring the scooters along but also be a little less concerned about what you bring along. For example, clothing for not on 70°F but also some for colder or warmer temperatures. A trailer may be a hassle but you don’t need to use it all the time...