Monday, December 2, 2019

Days 23, 24 - Casa Grande, AZ

Monday - This is one of the reasons why I like RV parks. Or at least the ones with pools. And we are going to be in them for a while. After here, we will be staying in Needles, CA, through the holidays. This particular park has two pools but only one of them has a jacuzzi. It’s warm enough at 64°F and no wind which really does make a difference.

I finally got around to checking the propane. According to the gauge on the tank, we have ⅜ of a tank. So we used around 5/16th of a tank for the week in Quartzite. That would be about $30 of propane given how much we used the furnace, that’s not too bad. We filled with diesel after leaving Quartzsite having driven 58 miles. I was only able to get 14 gallons of diesel into the tank.

Tuesday - I went to the pool and from the comfort of the jacuzzi, watched a volleyball game already in progress. The only “project” was routing the audio from the front TV to the DVD player. Actually, it turned out to be an five SVD changer with an AM/FM receiver. The video-2 input had an optical audio input matching the optical audio output on the TV. Now, I may need to reinstall the sub-woofer which we removed a few months back...

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