Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Day 44, 45, 46 - Merry Christmas!

Monday - We went to the Avi casino just across the Colorado River from Bullhead City to catch a movie. Star Wars episode IX The Rise of Skywalker (I think). Lots of action but somewhat confusing unless you follow all this stuff which I don’t. I kept forgetting or losing track of who was who. Good movie and the casino theater was decent. Great audio and, to me, the sound system can make or break a movie.

Tuesday - Still raining in the morning. Went to the pool around 2pm and it was starting to get pretty nice. Watched A Beautiful Life on Amazon Prime video. BTW, when we arrived we signed up with the WiFi provider here at the RV park for a mere $25 for the month. For the service we are getting, it’s a good deal. At other places, we still ended up using our Verizon mobile data when things slow down in the evening. That hasn’t been happening here.

Wednesday - Merry Christmas! 

Not raining today but rather cool at only 50°F. I got a nice early start using the sous vide for a rib roast. Not “prime” but “choice”. Simple salt, pepper and rosemary for seasoning. Cut the rib bones off to season between them. Sealed it with the vacuum sealer, set it for 134°F for 7 hours. I’ll try the broiler function of the convection/microwave again but I don’t see how it’ll do it since there isn’t a heating element. It’s worth a try. 

Of course, I had to use the pool/jacuzzi this afternoon. Met another couple who moved out of Alaska about three years ago. He was also in Fairbanks at the university in the early 80s. This was after watching A Miracle on 34th Street on Disney+. I think I’ve watched more movies in the last week or so than in the past year...

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