Sunday, December 1, 2019

Day 22 - Casa Grande, AZ

We are back in Casa Grande and will be here for a couple of weeks. I was concerned about driving through Phoenix at the end of a holiday weekend. Phoenix turned out to be a non-issue primarily since I no longer needed to be concerned about the engine running hot. There was a terrible accident between Phoenix and Casa Grande involving at least six vehicles including a large horse trailer. Several really munched up vehicles by the time we went by. Traffic was tied up for over ten miles in both directions.

We are here again as it’s convenient. Bridget will be flying back to Fairbanks for several days and not having to move during that time is convenient. This is an Encore park which we have access to as we have the Trails Collection option with our Thousand Trails. I’m looking forward to the pool and jacuzzi again!


  1. Doesn't look very busy. All the lots seem empty.

    1. It’s nowhere near full but the seasonal rigs are in a different area.