Friday, December 20, 2019

Day 39, 40, 41 - Misc. Activities

Wednesday - Since we are here for a month, I’m not going to bother putting the location of the RV park in every post. Last night, it was in the high-30s (°F) so I switched to the propane furnace instead of the heat pump. The wind has died down so the jacuzzi was pretty nice this afternoon. The only other “activity” was going down to the Dollar General store to pick up some bread as we neglected to pick some up yesterday at Walmart or Safeway. We recently discovered that we can get Disney+ courtesy of Verizon so I’ve been watching The Imagineering Story. A documentary on the creative arm of Disney. And Bridget wanted to watch the next episode of the Mandalorian.

Thursday - We went to have a late lunch at Lake Havasu City to celebrate our anniversary (yesterday) and Bridget’s birthday (Sunday). The restaurant was Shugrue’s right next to the London Bridge. The food was very good and the lunch menu prices were reasonable.

We walked across the bridge and wandered through the shops waiting for dark to see the Christmas lights on the bridge and in the shopping area. It was a cloudless evening so not a great sunset though I’m glad we are no longer having high winds.

There were a lot of references to London in Lake Havasu City including this dragon. The sign said that the borders of London were marked by a “Heraldic Dragon” such as this. I thought it interesting that the red showed up much brighter in the picture than it did in real life. About half of the businesses were closed or only open on the weekend so it was pretty quiet. The Harley shop here at the bridge only sold logo-wear but there was one motorcycle in the shop. And that was there mostly as a prop in the window for their stuffed animals.

Friday - No wind in the morning and it’s supposed to get up to 66°F today. I’ve been seeing posts on FB from friends in Fairbanks with slightly cooler temperatures. Seeing those temperatures make me happy that I’m not there. By mid-afternoon, it’s 65°F. Sunny and a little breezy but nice enough to sit around the pool.

This morning, we went into Bullhead City to get a box mailed out and pick up a few groceries. I am planning to try to sous vide a rib roast so wanted to pick one up before they are all sold out. I found a modest sized one at Safeway. They had some really nice prime cut ones there for over $150! It’s rare to see prime grade in a grocery store. We actually ended up picking more than a few groceries. But that alway seems to happen.


  1. The London bridge looks quite British in the Dark, in bright daylight with the palm trees and the desert not so much.

    Happy anniversary btw.

    1. No palm trees in London, eh? I vaguely remember the first time we visited here right around when the reconstruction was finished. I don’t think there was water under it yet. Still, an amazing thing to move the entire bridge from London labeling every brick so it could be reconstructed,

      And thank you for the anniversary wishes

  2. I remember seeing one of the mentioned Dragons while touring London ... neat idea. In Denver, it'd be depictions of Marijuana leaves of course.

    1. Marijuana leaves are the new symbol of the Denver, eh?