Saturday, December 7, 2019

Day 28 - Casa Grande, AZ

This afternoon, we drove into Phoenix and it was a zoo. Bridget had Waze running to route us around the traffic jams. There was another accident just south of Chandler. It seems that everyone drives too fast around here and they like to weave through traffic. Bridget is on her way to Fairbanks for several days.

This evening, I installed a mount for the small TV in the bedroom and since there used to be a tube TV in that spot, there was a large, empty, unused space with a power outlet. I moved the printer into that space and there is enough room for paper and ink bottles. I wasn’t sure how sturdy the structure is so I added some additional reinforcement to support the TV. While I was at it, I finally mounted the Ubiquity access point and power supply. I may finally mount the radio to the ladder since there is a nice flagpole holder on the ladder. It may be easy to make it easy to rotate. 


  1. Nice fix. I‘ve noticed a lot of rvs have those nice custom tv spots. Who knew one day TVs would become flat and widescreen.

    1. I knew that there was this space behind the TV but didn’t know what to do with it. In front, above the dash, there is an even larger empty space.