Monday, December 16, 2019

Day 36, 37 - Needles, CA

Sunday - Today was a travel day. Google maps claimed 3 hrs 37 minutes but it took us over 6 hours which was a bit longer than the Garmin RV-770 GPS. The Garmin factors in reasonable vehicle speed and not just assume that you will travel at the speed limit. We will be here in Needles through the holidays until the middle of January. We stayed here last year and liked it enough to return. There isn’t much in Needles but go across the bridge into AZ and you can find whatever’s you need.

We went to the Wagon Wheel Restaurant for dinner as it was past sunset when we finished setting up. Sunset comes really early as we are just across the California border and on Pacific time. So sunset was at 4:29. After dinner, we went and tried out the jacuzzi. It was even nicer than I remembered. I think that they did some work on the pool and jacuzzi.

Monday morning - Kind of breezy today as evidenced by the palm tree in the picture. The Colorado River is literally about 30 yards from our camping spot. It's sort of the regular RV site but it's nice enough. Since we are going to be here for a while, we staked down our mat and Bridget set up her decorations. Some things with solar-charged LED lights. 

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