Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Freezing Rain?

The forecast was for moderate temperatures, sleet, and freezing rain. There was a little bit of ice on the windshield when I left the coffee place, Alaska Coffee Roasters Company aka ACRC. I stopped at the bank with questions about our last mortgage payment (Yay!) and a conflict with another bank statement but all is good. The last payment will be sent next week.

I then stopped at the university and ended up staying around until almost sunset. Took a picture before heading to the gas station and back home. There was a little ice on the road but not enough to be a problem as long as you kept your right hand under control. 2WD was only needed to get out of our driveway. 16°F when I got home. The heated grips and Aerostitch insulated gloves were a good combination. The fleece liner was more than sufficient under the Roadcrafter Light.

Tuesday AM

Last night, the hot water maker started leaking all over the utility room floor. After shutting off the supply as well as the feed from the boiler, I pumped out the 45-gallon tank down the drain using a small acid pump that my brother had let me borrow to flush a line inside of the boiler. We were using a shop vac to pick up the water on the floor but when emptying the vacuum canister, we noticed that there were cracks on two of the wheel supports. And they did leak water.

This morning, I removed the inspection panel to get to the O-ring as that is what was leaking. The O-ring was pushing its way out between the inspection cover and the tank. This is the second time this has happened. I went to Ferguson Plumbing which is where I had purchased the hot water maker. They didn't have one in stock but he removed the one from their cutaway model of the unit and gave it to me. No charge. Reinstalled the inspection cover and opened the valve to fill it with cold water. Checked for leaks. Turned on the boiler feed to start heating up the water. Checked for leaks. It's all the way up to 70°F from the well water temperature 41°F. It should be ready soon. No leaks, so far.

BTW, just about everyone had questions on the Ural as I had ridden it down to the shop.


  1. Congrats on paying off the house soon! It's a good feeling.

    Nice of the guy to give you the o-ring from the cutaway...though I wonder how long it's been there? Got one of those water alarms that go off when they detect moisture?

    1. Thank you! We've been looking forward to it...

      After he gave it to me he immediately started asking about the Ural...

  2. Congrats on paying off your house...what a great milestone!!