Thursday, November 8, 2018

Day 55 - Tucson, AZ

This was starting to resemble work. But fortunately, Bridget helped and it went much faster than the last time I used the cover. The cover is very bulky but carrying it on the cargo carrier worked well. Unzip the bag and start pulling the cover up onto the roof and towards the front. I know it’s an older rig but we still want to keep it in decent shape. If the cover helps, then it’s worth the trouble.  The AZ sun is hard on the roof and tires so trying to keep those covered. I guess we’re the exception as none of the other rigs in the lot were covered. “Winterizing” the fresh water system and the traps went pretty quick. I did remember to bypass and drain the hot water heater as well as shut off the A/C power. The larger air compressor made purging the water lines an easy task. This time, I think I remembered all of the lines including the kitchen sink sprayer and the outside shower.. Since the solar panels are covered, I turned all DC power off and disconnected the negative cable from the shunt. I’m definitely going to miss being on the road.

We are now resting at a pet friendly hotel that has a free shuttle to the airport and we can leave the truck in their parking lot. For every night you stay, you have 30 days free parking. Since we are staying here at both ends of our trip, we get 60 days free parking. We fly out tomorrow for Fairbanks. Now, where’s the ibuprofen... 


  1. Seems like a lot of work, seen several similar covers in the rv storage yard....a couple had fasteners that had "come loose" so parts of the cover were flapping in the wind.

    1. Yeah, kind of a hassle but considering the cost of replacing the roof or fixing water damage, I think it may be worth the trouble. There are a lot of straps and we fastened and tightened all of them. The cover fits pretty well so I don’t expect it to blow off. If it rips then who knows. The sharp corners are the front solar panels. Maybe some split pipe insulation would work. Oh well...

  2. All tucked in till your return, good job!