Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Day 53 - Benson, AZ - TT

This fall RV trip is almost over. On Thursday, we will put the trailer and truck in storage and stay at a hotel near the Tucson airport for our flight to Fairbanks on Friday. This means that we need to essentially winterize the trailer, empty out the refrigerator and remove any food items. There isn’t much left in the freezer but a lot of condiments in the refrigerator.

I rode the bike into town this morning to get some stuff done. It’s nice to be able to cruise at 20 mph as there isn’t much of a shoulder once you get into Benson. Actually, there isn’t any shoulder but there are two lanes in each direction. No problems at all with traffic. I needed to dig through the storage compartment to get some stuff out that I’m going to need back home. Enough that I may be using an Action Packer as luggage. I think that I may be bringing more stuff back down here in January such as tools that I didn’t think I needed.

Now that we are almost done with our week at a TT RV park, I’d have to say that I’m more than satisfied with our TT experience so far. 24 nights so far using our membership plus 7 nights at an Encore park. Some have been more “campground” and some have been more “RV Park”. But I wouldn’t classify any of them as “glamping”. The first two didn’t have sewer connections at the site but it really wasn’t an issue. The Florence, OR, park didn’t have a working dumpstation. That could have been a problem if our next campground didn’t either. The Cottonwood park also didn’t have a working dump station but it was working by the time we checked out so no problem. The last two in AZ had the pool heater running and they’ve been great. So I’m more than satisfied with our TT experience and I’d really consider a regular membership for the longer stays, park to park, and 120 days advance reservation. Double what the Camping Pass that we currently have. The Trails Collection add-on for Encore is still a “maybe”.


  1. Interesting recap. I don't see us camping more than 2-4 days at any spot really, the idea is to see new places. Actionpacker?

    1. I see us moving less often and view it as “living in new places” as opposed to “seeing new places”. Closer to a lifestyle rather than a vacation. I don’t mind seeing new places and things but if you do it everyday with a lot of miles involved, it gets tiring and expensive quickly.