Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Day 54 - Benson, AZ - TT

Yet another clear, sunny day but today is a packing and cleaning day. The awning came out again as I had more digging around to do in the storage bay. Every day around 4 pm, the wind picks up and the awning gets put away. I take my cue from the newer RVs around us with wind sensors on their awnings. They retract automatically. Anything that could freeze, including cleaning supplies are being removed from the cabinets and storage bins. Bridget’s kayak will be moved inside the RV along with the bike since the dog kennels will be used for the trip to Fairbanks.

I topped up the water in the batteries again. I did not check after running the equalization cycle while we were at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield. They took around a quart of distilled water so not too low. Back in September, the batteries took around three quarts and the water was still above the plates. I’m still amazed at how clean that whole area is. No corrosion on any of the battery posts or connectors.

The Raspberry Pi that collects data from the charge controller will go back to Fairbanks with us so I can install updates to the OS. As will the one that is a media server. The Apple TV is an old series 2 and is essentially useless. AirPlay no longer works reliably anymore.

Since I plan on working on the DMR hotspot, that Raspberry Pi is also going back as well as the DMR handheld radio. Lots of electronics...


  1. How often do you check water levels Richard?

    1. A couple of times per year. Before and after equalization. But these are conventional lead acid batteries. Not even AGM.