Sunday, November 4, 2018

Day 51 - Benson, AZ - TT

Not sure what kind of cactus this is but they all have these bright yellow on them. I'm thinking that it may be new growth inspired by the recent torrential rains. We have heard about the rain several times so it must've been unusual. We attended the small church located right next to the RV park and the first person we met was a UAF graduate back in the 70s. And her brother, who was also there, was a mining geologist in Anchorage and had moved here after trying the RV thing twelve years ago. Small world.

Today was another stay-at-home day. There is a walking path set up next door to the RV park. Since the “0” mark is on a small bridge to a business parking lot, I’d assume that they set it up as part of a wellness program for their employees as the path had signs every 300’ as well as the lawyer statement about using the trail at your own risk.

Another very pleasant afternoon sitting by the pool. Low 70s (°F) with a gentle breeze and just enough clouds so you don’t feel the direct heat from the sun. And, as expected, the A/C is working fine again. At least enough to cool the trailer down after cooking pancakes. Cooking on the induction burner still heats the trailer up. Just not as much as the propane stove. But since the induction burner is portable, I’ve used it outside on the picnic table more than once.

At 5:15, we walked on the road behind the campground to look for a sunset photo. No color at all in the sky. This is the view to the east at the mountains. But after we walked back to the campground and turned around, we finally saw a little bit of color.


  1. Cacti and palm trees, balmy temps and a light breeze. Stop it please... ;-)

    1. No more cacti and palm tree. Soon, too soon, it'll be snow again...