Sunday, July 23, 2017

Day 79 - Corbett, OR

Today was the final day of the reunion. This is a so-so iPhone photo of the Columbia River just after sunset. There was some nice light on the cliff. This was taken last night when we were down near the lookout roasting marshmellows. The staff had started a really nice fire in the very old outdoor fireplace with hardwood. So there was some really nice coals.

Another shot from last night as we walked back up to the main building. I kind of liked the light coming through the windows. Since we aren't staying on the grounds, we headed back to the Crown Point RV Park at this point.

This morning there was a light drizzle. Kind of appropriate for the end of the reunion. Fortunately, we took the family photo last night. This time, they made an announcement that since everyone had access to the Internet, only one person would take a picture and send it out to everyone. At times, there would be a couple dozen cameras out for pictures.

For lunch, most of the group went to McMenamins - Edgefield after checking out from Menucha. It has become sort of a tradition. After lunch, we went back to Corvallis to pick up the dogs before heading back to the RV park. Tomorrow, we start heading back to Alaska.


  1. All good things..., Richard. There will always be a next one.

  2. The drizzle sounds so pleasant about now. Wish we got some of that.

    Safe travels back to Alaska.

    1. Thank you. We are heading east before we go north due to the fires in B.C..

  3. Richard I would not call that photo of the Columbia River at sunset so-so, at all! What a great trip, and the reunion sounds like it was great too! I have been late reading all along, I might as well be late for the ending too! :-)