Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Day 67 - Ogden, UT

After looking at the temperature forecast for northern Utah, we opted for an RV park in Ogden, UT. It's just 20 miles north of the Apple Store where Bridget made her Genius Bar appointment. We did check to see if the location has a large parking lot and it looks like it does.  We are at the Century RV Park just off of I-15. Nothing special though the Wi-Fi is reasonably fast and it has a swimming pool. After the other RV park pools, this one is actually heated. The sites are set up slide-to-slide so you are not looking at the hoses of your neighbor. A nice setup.

Today's drive was only a couple of hours and no complaints from me on the casino RV park. The inside of the casino itself smelled of cigarettes as does every other casino. There was s small restaurant and I had the Indian Taco. Basically a tostada using fry bread instead of a tortilla. It was pretty tasty.

The LevelMate Pro hardware plus app seems to work pretty well. After pulling into our campsite or parking space, I fire up the app which connects using Bluetooth LE, and it shows which side is low. If it's under an inch, I consider that close enough. The leveling blocks are about an inch and a half tall. After raising the front to unhitch, I can save the position for later. Then the front is leveled using the electric landing gear after the truck is pulled out. Pretty slick. 


  1. Ugh, I learned to dislike the smell of cigarette smoke filled rooms in Europe back when on active duty....that puts a bit of a dampener on staying overnight in a casino's rv parking spot.

    1. It was only in the casino proper. The rest of the place was fine.