Friday, July 7, 2017

Day 63 - Helena, MT

Today is the beginning of Month three. It's looking to be a nice day today. Not too warm with scattered clouds. One (spoiled) black dog doesn't like walks on the gravel and dry grass. We are at Sierra Park in north Helena on our way to Petsmart. Here at the park there is AT&T LTE data. Where we are staying, there is very limited AT&T and only one bar of Verizon. Their moto traveler bunk room has a WeBoost and it makes Verizon useable. 

After dropping the dogs off at PetSmart, we headed to the capital building. It was just up the road a bit and we had heard that it was a beautiful building with well kept grounds. Also, there was no problem with just wandering around unlike many other government buildings. This one was really open to the public.

We went out to dinner and ended up talking and visiting until well after sunset. This picture was taken around 10pm. We got some good suggestions on places to visit on our way to Salt Lake City.


  1. So your weboost in the RV didn't help? Could you see what model they had in the bunk room?

    1. We don't have a WeBoost in the RV and I'm not sure of the model in the bunk room. But the outdoor antenna was a large flat panel and it had a separate indoor antenna.

  2. We've stayed at the Huddy Outpost a few times too. Very nice bike shop and room for trailers.
    I have the 12vdc version of the cell booster; it works ok as long as indoor antenna is right next to phone. I ran the outdoor antenna cable through a roof vent as temporary.