Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day 62 - Helena, MT

Montana is called "Big Sky Country" and that is what we saw today. Lots of horizon to horizon sky with mountains and trees mixed in. We left the West Glacier area headed for Helena, the state capitol, to visit with some wonderful, relocated, motorcycle friends from Fairbanks. They have enough property to park the trailer and even had a 20 amp outlet which was enough to run the air conditioner. That's good information for me as the campsite I have reserved during the family reunion only has a 20 amp outlet. I think this style of "camping" is referred to as either driveway surfing or "moochdocking".

There was an earthquake just a little to the north last night which was something new to a lot of Montana residents. I guess earthquakes are not very common around here. I don't think I felt it at all though I did wake up around 12:30 last night which is about the time of the earthquake.

The picture was taken at a rest stop where we had lunch. All of the rest areas I've seen in Montana have been pretty nice even this one kind of off the beaten path. The GPS took us on some pretty small secondary roads including some that were pretty curvy. We didn't have the GPS set to "5th wheel" mode which may have influenced the choice of route. Tomorrow, we have some errands to run in Helena.


  1. Moochdocking, I like that. I'd never heard of "5th wheel mode" for GPS either, I think that might come in handy when driving an RV.

    1. The gps is RV specific so you can enter the specs (width, height, length and weight) and you will get appropriately routed. Since we specified a 5th wheel, the two modes is car and 5th wheel RV.

      It heard the "moochdocking" term used when full time RVers visited family.

  2. I wondered if you felt the earthquake.

    Moochdocking......that is a new term to me too, but funny.

  3. Our Canadian news reported the earthquake, glad the only affect it had on you was to wake you from your sleep. Love that term moochdocking.