Thursday, July 13, 2017

Day 69 - BMW MOA Rally, SLC, UT

This was one of the "destinations" of our road trip. The BMW MOA annual rally. I believe that this is the fourth one that I've attended and all of them have been very hot. This one is no exception except I will say that it isn't anywhere near as miserable as Bloomsburg, PA. That was humid and hot.

Like every other rally, a lot of interesting bikes or in the case of he Isetta, not a bike but still very interesting. There are a lot of sidecars here as well. Maybe an sign that the BMW owner population is aging. This was very evident at the Airhead tent. Lots of grey hair around there.

The Alaska Air Marshal had sent the Alaska flag down to Helena for Kevin to bring to the rally. Supposedly, they are supposed to show which states are in attendance. This rally doesn't seem as organized as some of the other rallies that I've attended but there seems to be a lot of vendor representation. I was originally hoping that they would have some of the 310cc models available but not this year I guess.

I did get a chance to have lunch with Edward Kilner from  and, like every other blogger meetup, it was a very enjoyable time. I did run into some others that I've "met" on FB who I knew were coming to the rally. The feed was kind of interesting seeing all of these people travelling and converging on SLC.

I'm not sure what the overall attendance is but it looks like more people are not choosing to camp out. But then again, this is just the first day. I am planning on attending tomorrow as well before we start heading northwest on Saturday.


  1. Hot, but not humid, that's better. Glad you got the chance to meet Ed.

    1. I think I got my quota for sun for the next few months. It was great to meet Ed.

  2. Maybe an sign that the BMW owner population is raging? What? Were they ever young? Well, at least in Germany, most of the BMW riders are well over 50 ;-)

    A great opportunity for a get together. Glad you guys could meet.

  3. It is too bad about at heat, but at least you got to meet up with Ed.

  4. Yep, Bloomsburg was the worst I've been to. And yes, the BMW population is aging, along with the overall motorcycle community it seems. Sidecars, trikes, smaller bikes, all make sense now. :-)