Monday, April 21, 2014

Slow Weekend

Very little riding this weekend though not due to poor weather. It took most of Saturday to recuperate from the flight home. Including a 35 minute connection in Seattle with gates at opposite ends of the airport and a 2:00am arrival in Fairbanks. I made the connection though my luggage didn't. It did arrive on Saturday by noon. Most of the snow and ice are gone except for where it was piled up by the plows or in heavily shaded areas.

The aftermarket starter went in easy enough though I did have to remove a lot of stuff to get to the starter, in fact, just as much as the alternator installation. (gas tank, battery, battery tray, air cleaner housing, top engine cover, one coil, lower front fairing, front engine cover, etc.) But it went quickly and the actual motor part of the starter is about ⅔ the volume of the original part. In fact, it went so quickly that it didn't even occur to me to take pictures. But, the new starter cranks the engine much faster than the old Bosch unit. And does it with the motorcycle battery. So the group 24 automotive battery came out of the sidecar though I am leaving the cables installed for next winter. So I now have a passenger seat again.

There were quite a few bikes out and about yesterday afternoon but none this morning on my morning commute and I still seem to have the motorcycle parking spaces to myself. Though, technically, they aren't motorcycle spaces until May 1st.

Yesterday evening, I finally got around to removing the screw-style tire studs and, as I had feared, I almost waited too long. The screw heads on about ¼ of the studs were so worn down that they needed to be removed with vice grip pliers on what remained of the head. I'll swap out the studded tires maybe in a week or so.


Martha said...

I really like the top photo...the lack of contrast makes it very nice. Almost a vintage look.

Glad you are back home safe and sound. Where next?!

SonjaM said...

Your hack looks a little lonely in the parking lot. I hope that 'his buddies' show up eventually.

Trobairitz said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Nice of the snow to melt while you were away.

RichardM said...

The mountains are about 80 miles away and really only look clear when it's cold.

No trips near term except Barrow.

RichardM said...

We'll see who shows up. Maybe in a couple of days. As you can see, there is still a lot of gravel not just in the parking lots but everywhere.

RichardM said...

Good timing. I guess we had quite the lake in our driveway.

Unknown said...


I think the Nippon Denso is a better unit. I think they supply most of the starters.alternators and perhaps air compressors in the auto industry so it probably could be rebuilt locally if you needed to.

Luckily you managed to get all the studs out. Any worry that they would go "too deep"

You always look forward to leaving, but then it always feels good to be back home. You know what they say, "home is where the Hack is"

A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

RichardM said...

The new starter definitely sounds a lot different. More like other motorcycles as the starter motor itself is spinning much faster. Lower current draw as well as the battery voltage doesn't drop as much while cranking.

I just pulled out the screw style studs and left the carbide ones. Next week I'll switch tires and save these for next winter.

"home is where the Hack is"

I haven't heard that phrase before.

redlegsrides said...

Spring weather has brought out the motorcycles around here....I took the last slot in the "primo" spot at the nearby parking garage this morning and I was 20 minutes early! :)

Good to hear your new starter is doing what you wanted. I am curious how it'll do come next winter but there's so much riding to do before then eh?

RichardM said...

Time will tell on how well the non-BMW part works but for now, it works great. And, yes, lots of riding to do before next winter.