Monday, April 7, 2014

Internet2 Global Summit

This week is the Internet2 Global Summit at the Sheraton Hotel in Denver, CO. I think there is about 800 people in attendance, definitely one of their bigger meetings. I used to attend regularly, then last year they changed the program suggesting that it was only appropriate for executive management. So I opted to not attend. This year, it seems like many of the more technical presentations are back into the program. I thought that this tiny electric vehicle (DASH) was kind of interesting and they are looking for proposals on how it could be used within a university campus environment. Something to think about.

I met a colleague (who will remain nameless by request) who is taking the coffee aficionado to a new level. Instead of suffering through the normal hotel coffee, he brought grinder, french press, digital scale, immersion heater, etc. He found a local roaster within the Denver area and was trying out the setup for the first time. BTW, it worked great.

I thought that it was interesting that at this particular meeting with maybe 80 people (enough such that floor space was all that was available by the time I arrived) there were only non-Apple laptops or tablets in the entire room. And one of them was running Linux. The technical meetings could be an Apple commercial. The percentage doesn't carry through for the whole meeting as the executives and many foriegn participants use PCs. Just to add some contrived moto content, Dale (center) rode his KLR to Alaska back in 2011 when the meeting was held in Fairbanks.

Just as an example of the wonderful items that some vendors bring to show off is this 100Gb/s router blade. This is for those that want to stream a lot of videos. In the past, there were only a handful of vendors choosing to participate but this time, there must be a couple of dozen vendors. Also, wonderfully fast Internet connectivity including IPv6 on the wireless. In case you didn't know (or care), Apple iOS devices suoport IPv6 right out of the box!

And this has been another post with no real moto content.


  1. I can be almost as particular about my tea, so I appreciate the coffee story! I've succumbed to tea bags lately...

    I think you should slip that little car into your pack and take it home :^)

    1. The "University Electric Vehicle", as they called it, looked pretty cool. Not too much range or speed but it did have a heater and defroster.

  2. Replies
    1. You need one of those in your rack downstairs. I didn't even bother asking about prices.

      I heard that there is terabit stuff on the horizon.

    2. I would need to upgrade my nic to go faster then gb...