Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This morning was somewhat cool again so I walked to the university again. I didn't go running this morning so this evening after dinner (had spicy seafood at a nice Thai restaurant), I went for a short run. Not enough to get excited about, but enough to tire me out. I am still going to make the 50 mile per month goal but just barely. I did my presentation this morning and at the end showed a picture of Fairbanks from last February when it was -45°F noting that they made the right decision to not try and schedule the meeting in the winter. Then I showed a picture of Fairbanks that I took from a hot air balloon a couple of years ago. Much better response. Maybe there is a chance that the meeting could happen in Fairbanks in a couple of years. That would be good for the university.

The Joint Tech meeting finished at noon today and was followed by a meeting of the IPv6 working group then a meeting to examine the content and direction for the IPv6 workshops. That meeting continues tomorrow. The working group sponsored a challenge to see how many people could get their laptops talking on IPv6. I think the final number was 134 out of 201 got it done. Pretty cool...

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