Thursday, July 17, 2008

On the road

Day 1: Fairbanks to Tok Junction. Lots of motorcycles. I don't know if there really are a lot more or I'm just more aware of them. There are also quite a few RV's though not as many as previous trips.

Day 2: Tok Junction to Swift River, YT. Gas is $1.52/l or just a bit more than it is in Fairbanks. Camping out with lots of mosquitos. As usual, this section of the trip was absolutely beautiful. There was a little bit of road construction but less than previous years. The section along Kluane Lake was really improved though they moved the road away from the lake in many sections.

Day 3: Swift River, YT to Fort St. John, BC. Gas price hasn't changed. We saw lots of animals. (Black bear, stone sheep, caribou, bison, swans). It was a long day with over 1000 km covered.

Day 4: Fort St. John to Clinton, BC. Saw several deer near the Peace River. Shorter day than yesterday, ~800 km. Lots of traffic after going through Prince George. The traffic was moving very quickly and I was feeling "pushed along". Not as nice as the northern part of the trip. Clinton is a very nice, small town and the campground at the south end of town was great. Kind of odd to see it get dark so early in the evening.

Day 5: Clinton, BC to Seattle, WA. No wildlife unless you include drivers in Seattle. Today was only about 360 miles but it was a really long wait at the border. Gas price stated high all the way into Washington. The cheapest gas through Canada was in Haines Junction at $1.42/liter. Almost everywhere else was over $1.55/liter.

The scenery was gorgeous, as usual. I really enjoy driving through Canada, especially the northern section. Once I get past Prince George, it is less fun. Too much traffic.

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