Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bolsa Chica

Finally, got in some exercise. A group of family members went to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands Restoration project and walked 4.25 miles. In fact, I even got in a little bit of running. Not enough to make 50 miles this month, but some none the less. I just entered my activities on the WIN website and I'm not sure what my totals are but they seem pretty high. I wasn't able to average 10 miles per day this month but at least it was well over 10k steps per day. The healthy eating has been a real challenge, especially on the road trip portion of the month. Lots of salads, vegetables & whole grains.

Back to my original topic. The wetlands was a nice relaxing place in spite of being located next to PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) just north of Huntington Beach. There were a lot of birds including lots of egrets which I think look kind of cool especially when they are gliding. What made the walk really fun was that it was another opportunity to visit with all my relatives. This evening is a banquet with the obligatory group photos and more time to visit.

Wednesday evening - Too much food! After the hike, we met at my cousins home and we tried to finish off some of the food from previous days. This was just a couple of hours before a banquet at a local country club. I requested the veggie plate since I thought I had a chance of finishing it. After dinner, we watched a photo show made from old and current photos of family members. It was very well done. Then there were the pictures followed by going back to my cousins home to have coffee. Their son showed a DVD that he made as a helicopter pilot in the Navy. We were also able to print out 29 copies of the biographies to distribute.

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