Saturday, July 12, 2008

Headwaters of the Missouri

The meeting was over yesterday mid-afternoon and one of the other engineers was going to the headwaters of the Missouri River to look around. It sounded interesting enough and he didn't mind me tagging along. We went to a state park around 30 miles west of Bozeman and there were trails up and down some hills overlooking the confluence of three rivers, the Jefferson, the Madison and the Gallatin. These form the Missouri River which heads north from there before winding south in eastern Montana. I hiked on the trails though it did feel pretty warm. I took some pictures but there isn't a way to post pictures directly from my phone without downloading to my computer first. Afterwards, met with some network engineers from Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota for dinner. We found a small, local place which had great food.

Yesterday, I updated the firmware on my iPhone to version 2. I have been waiting for this as it has the ability to add third party applications which could significantly improve the device. The app support is what I missed after switching from my Treo. So far, so good. No crashes but it may be awhile before the apps I want are available. Well, almost time to board.

Update - i found open wireless at the end of concourse "B" in the Seattle airport so I uploaded a picture I took yesterday. It is the Gallatin River just before the confluence.

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